Washroom Cleaning Services

Protouch provide quality washroom services to satisfy the needs of our customers, whatever your washroom and toilet cleaning requirements are. Whether it is a public convenience, a corporate washroom or an airport facility, we can provide;

  • Toilet attendants supplied to service on a frequent and periodic basis
  • Daily public convenience cleaning service, including the supply of washroom consumables
  • Free product delivery and installation by qualified personnel
  • Flexible service arrangements to suit customers’ need.

clean bathroomSoap and paper dispensers

We offer hygienic hand cleaning options for staff, customers and visitors. 

Hair dryers

Designed for leisure outlets, health clubs - extremely reliable

Sanitary disposal

Helps you dispose of sanitary waste in an environmental way, without polluting beaches and rivers.

Vending Services

Provide an easy way to meet the needs of customers, staff and visitors. Vending offers a wide selection of products to meet all healthcare needs. Reliable coin mechanisms.

We can also supply warm air hand dryers, auto bins, toilet roll holders and baby changing units.


Cubicle Services

clean toiletFor inside the cubicle itself we are able to offer the following – Toilet Seat Sanitiser, Mini Jumbo roll dispenser,  auto soap dispensers, hand dryers, hand towel dispensers and air fresheners.

Toilet seat sanitiser

Helps improve the cleanliness of your toilet cubicles.

Odour neutralising ('Ultra Zone')

Ozone air cleaning and freshening system. It creates an 'outdoor fresh' atmosphere.

Air fragrance

Help combat unpleasant odours, by adding a pleasant fragrance to the air. Designed for all locations. (Ultra Zone, Sensaire and Aero Fresh).