Industrial Cleaning
From builders cleans, factory cleaning, kitchen equipment cleaning, hygiene cleaning, one-off cleaning, marble renovation, contract cleaning and maintenance to laundry services, Protouch have it covered.

clean polished corridorDaytime Cleaning

Daytime cleaning is proving to be the ideal solution for offices, retail stores, surgeries, medical centre, schools, factory and leisure centre. Continuous cleaning allows clients to maintain higher standards all day. Cleaning operatives can assist with other tasks while they are onsite, change toilet rolls, change hand towels, cleaning bathrooms, loading vending machines, if required.
We are already delivering daytime cleaning to several major retailers, a variety of businesses and a number of nurseries, schools, colleges and universities.

General and Business Cleaning

Clean urinalsWe provide professional cleaning services tailored to your business premises. Offices, retail stores or restaurants, night clubs, car park cleaning, nurseries, schools, colleges, surgeries and medical centres.  We also offer a comprehensive range of maintenance and laundry services as well as specialising in carpet cleaning, window cleaning, floor buffing, airports cleaning, leisure centre cleaning, transport cleaning and shopping centre cleaning.